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Kathryn Priddy, Head, explains how the Teach Handwriting Scheme is enhancing the curriculum at Launde Primary School

A clear teaching pathway from Foundation through to Year 6
Presentation has always been of paramount importance in our school and children take great pride in their work. We wanted children to increase the fluency of their writing. To achieve this aim, we teach the children continuous cursive handwriting progressively from the very beginning of their time at our school as well as ensure that children’s fine motor skills and writing posture were developed – a fundamental element to writing that can be overlooked. Teach Handwriting had both these elements entwined through a clear and progressive strategy that caters for all abilities.

An engaging scheme with children at the heart of it
In our setting we have been using Teach Handwriting for two years, with very pleasing results. The resources for the pupils are attractive and there are visual, online letter animations that are fun to use. The children will often chant the catchy rhyme used to remind them of correct posture! The scheme is organised in progressive blocks making it easy for staff to deliver both the fine motor control learning elements as well as the teaching of the letter families, organised to be in line with the National Curriculum.

Bespoke training opportunities for staff and parents
The programme offers opportunities for staff training, individualised to the school requirements and has supported the staff in delivering parent workshops, an important element to any new approach. In addition, there are free resources on the website to support the parents at home.

Parents have been able to see the importance of developing fine and gross motor skills of their children and have been able to help their child practise these at home too. It has enabled parents to engage in their child’s learning, leading to improved outcomes for pupils.
Find out more at teachhandwriting.co.uk

Other testimonials:

Teacher - Early Years + KS1 - Leicestershire

A very well thought through scheme and presentation. Really useful to know what to do for children with specific problems. Really impressed Lucy. Thank you. Good to find out all the stages.

Head Teacher - South Wales

How to teach handwriting and to effectively use the resources. What a fabulous resource, fabulous training and fabulous company to work with! Thank you so much Lucy!!

Head Teacher - Essex

I used Teach Handwriting succesfully in my previous school and saw amazing results. I am now head of another school and wish to bring it here.

Teacher - Shropshire

I liked the way we were able to see the development from gross and fine motor and the continuum through to KS2.

SENCO - Essex

Games and activities available to support children with basic skills and skill strengthening will enable us to support our children who need further intervention.

Teacher - KS1 - Birmingham

Background information on why some children have particular problems (very interesting and informative). Loved the exercises to help with these. It was good to learn something new.

Teacher - KS2 - Leicestershire

The layout of the folder - very organised and seems easy to follow.

Teacher - Key Stage 2 - Essex

Lots of common sense approaches - with resources to back up pedagogy. Thank you for this. I am looking forward to putting this into practise and see how it pays dividends across the curriculum.

Deputy Head - South Wales

Excellent training, with clear structure and fantastic communication prior to training.

Teacher - South Wales

The understanding of how the skills of handwriting develop and progress. The ease of the resources and planning ideas. Thank you Lucy. An informative and inspiring training session.

Teacher - Foundation Stage - Leicestershire

Great session. Amazing scheme.

Teaching Assistant - Leicestershire

All of it was useful - good to have some understanding of all the other underlying processes. Really enjoyed the presentation - gave a lot of insight.

Teacher - Leicestershire

The progression was clear, especially the family groups.