Our story

The Beginning

In 2012 Lucy and Chris were able to sell their home buy a motor home and spend 13 months travelling the UK, Europe and New Zealand.

Developing a website, to keep their minds active, seemed perfect for people on the move; internet access permitting. A lack of computing knowledge wasn’t going to stand in their way!

As Lucy had entered the education profession to support their two dyslexic daughters, as there wasn’t a lot of help or information out there at the time, their website would try to support other parents who desperately want to help their kids but don't know where to go or are confused by the mumbo jumbo.

They would start with handwriting as learning this skill unlocked so much more for children.

What Happened Next

In April 2013 they decided it was time to put down some roots and to get more serious about their website’s future.

Following requests from schools they launched a fully differentiated whole school Teach Handwriting Scheme to accompany the website in July 2016 and started Teach Children Ltd. They also began to run bespoke training courses in schools to support the teaching of handwriting.

Their Teach Handwriting Scheme is now being implemented in schools all over the UK and Internationally with more and more schools booking inset training days and other bespoke training options.

This enables them to develop the Teach Handwriting website and their other website Teach Phonics whilst keeping them completely free.

This is important to them because they believe that every child matters, not some more than others. By sharing their knowledge they hope that you will be able to help and support your children in ways that weren’t available to them when their girls were younger.