Teach Handwriting: Whole school training courses

Why book a training course?

Although our teaching manuals have been written so that no additional training is required, being able to get a whole school adopting the Scheme in a seamless way can be tricky.

By booking a training course all the teachers can hit the ground running with the confidence and knowledge of what they need to be teaching, how and when they need to teach it and how to access the appropriate resources.

If you haven’t bought the Scheme but would like help in developing your own school handwriting scheme we can explain the approach you should take and how our website resources can help you.

Training course options

We can deliver the training as either:

Internet training

We provide scheduled training to meet your schools specific training requirements.

This means that:

  • Your staff are able to attend the training whether they are in school or at home;
  • All your staff can receive training (we don't apply an attendee surcharge);
  • The training is completely bespoke to the attendees needs;
  • The training can be split into shorter time slots to make scheduling easier;
  • The training can be recorded so that staff unable to attend can watch it at a later date (terms and conditions apply).

In school training

We come to your school to provide you with the specific training you need.

This means that:

* Mileage is charged at 45p per mile. An additional accommodation charge may be necessary depending on the travel time.

Booking a training course

If you are interested in booking one of our courses then either call us on 0800 7723747 or send us your details through the Booking form form.