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We have designed the Teach Handwriting and Teach Phonics websites (and plan to create others) because we know early intervention can make such a difference to a child's education and future.

We believe that every child matters, not some more than others, and this is why the sites are completely free.

By sharing our knowledge we hope that you will be able to help and support your children in ways we wish we had known about, and had access to, when our girls were younger.

We hope that they can support and empower parents, carers and educators in logically and progressively helping their children to develop at a pace that best suits them.

To support schools we have created handwriting teaching manuals which provide timetables, lesson plans and resources to ensure their children get the best start.

The Story Behind Teach Children

In 2012, having sold our house and bought a motorhome we spent 13 months travelling the UK, Europe and New Zealand in search of our next adventure. Homeless, jobless and with the kids no longer dependent on us what should we do and where should we do it?

We knew we would need something to occupy our minds while we were travelling and so developing an internet site seemed perfect for people on the move; internet access permitting.  We weren't the kind of people to let a lack of computing knowledge stand in our way!


But what was the site for? It had to be useful or what was the point?

Both our girls are dyslexic and in their early school years there wasn't much support available to them.  To help them in school Lucy gave up her job and took an MSc module focusing on teaching dyslexics, became a Teaching Assistant and then trained to be a Primary School Teacher. We might have been taking self-help to the extreme but when you have two very intelligent daughters, who will get lost in the education system, you do all you can.

So there was the idea - our website would try to support other parents who desperately want to help their kids but don't know where to go, or are confused by the mumbo jumbo.


Having put down some roots we didn't want to see what we had created wither and die and so we have spent the last few years creating a handwriting teaching manual that can be used in schools to hopefully help as many children as possible (and pay the rent); oh and we also created a phonics website and teaching manual.

Lucy brings the educational know-how to the site. Although having come to teaching late she has taught at all levels of primary school and brings a wealth of practical experience from outside the education profession.

Chris helped drive the motorhome and tried to convert as much of the technical language on the site into words he understands. Having previously been a public company Finance Director his Chartered Accountant background and Civil Engineering degree has enabled him to build the website and help Lucy structure the teaching manuals to ensure they are as robust and thorough as possible.

We hope you find the websites useful and that your children benefit from them.

Lucy & Chris

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