Having trouble viewing our animations and videos?

To make our animations and videos available to as many browsers and devices as possible we host them on Vimeo, a video hosting service.
The animations and videos are embedded in our website and so only they can be viewed, children can’t access Vimeo and its other content.
If you are having problems viewing the animations and videos on a school server it is most probably because you need to unlock Vimeo.


Whitelist the following domains:

If the you have tried that and the videos still don't appear, we would recommend that you contact your network administrator for more information about the errors that are coming up.
If the network administrator needs more information from us, please provide all the details about the errors that are being seen. We will then contact Vimeo and do our best to help.
Every school will have a different security setup and so we can’t provide instructions that will work for everyone, but we hope the above will help most.