Handwriting teaching tips

Non-pencil pre-handwriting patterns & letter formation ideas

Big to Small – to help develop the motor memory for particular directional movements and shapes.

Start big by using the whole body to move around the shape, or letter, a child is trying to learn. Then steadily reduce the size of the activities until you reach the paper and pencil stage.

Encourage the child with positive comments by saying how you like the way they remembered where to start and moved in the correct direction or to cross a ‘t’ or dot an ‘i’. Elements which are not correct need to be addressed; try more positive and self-assessment style phrases such as, “next time try to…”, “Which do you think is best?”, “Why do you like that one best?”

Tips for teaching pre-handwriting patterns, single letters and numbers

Tips for teaching how to join letters when handwriting

Tips for a right-handed person teaching handwriting to a left-handed child