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Ensuring your Child is “Fit for Handwriting”

Assessing Your Child’s Strength for Handwriting

To ensure your child has the strength to write comfortably and correctly it is necessary to assess their four key physical strengths.

In this part of the site we explain what the four key strengths are, how they effect your child’s physical abilities, and provide three exercises for each area so that you can test your child. An Assessment Sheet can be printed off to record their ability and help you identify key areas for improvement.

How to assess your child's strength for handwriting

Activity Programs to Help Improve Your Child’s Strength for Handwriting

Having assessed your child, If they need to improve in more than one area, there are suggested Physical Ability Activity Programs to support them. These programs look at strengthening two, three or all four strengths by providing a variety of daily activities that your child should find fun.   

If you prefer you can create your own activity program by choosing the games that will most help your child based on their personal assessment.

6 week physical ability activity programs to help improve handwriting

Games to Help Improve Your Child’s Strength for Handwriting

Here we provide access to all our games designed to help strengthen the muscles needed for handwriting. They are grouped into posture base games, bilateral coordination games, sensory perception games and hand & finger games to make it easier for you to choose the right games for the muscles you want to strengthen.

This is also where you will find our warm up activities - a great way of relaxing the muscles used for handwriting both before and during any handwriting activities.

Games to help improve handwriting