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Teach Handwriting
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Parents’ guide to handwriting

It can be difficult to know whether your child’s handwriting is normal for their age group or whether they would benefit from some extra support at home.

We hope you find our information and resources useful and that they help your child become a happy writer.

Supporting your child’s handwriting at home

Does your child have a handwriting difficulty?

If the school has identified an issue and asked you to support at home here youll find advice on supporting your child.

Want to get the most from our website?

Background information and tips to support you in teaching your child handwriting.

Is your child fit for handwriting?

Assessments with appropriate games and activities to develop the muscles children need for handwriting.

Is your childs handwriting good for their age?

The expected handwriting achievement levels by age range together with the appropriate resources, information and advice to support your childs handwriting.

More fun handwriting activities

Additional free handwriting resources & fun ideas to improve your childs handwriting skills. Alphabet Friezes and simple fun activities to do at home.