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Teach Handwriting

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We have created three activity programs, to help your child improve their physical strength for handwriting.

The programs help to get you started, if your child needs to improve more than one strength, by providing a mix of games that work each of the strengths listed in the boxes below.

Each program has six activities per week and runs for six weeks, with the muscle group being worked on shown above the name of the activity.

Example programs for your use

All Four Key Strengths

Three Key Strengths

Two Key Strengths

Improve Handwriting by Using a Physical Ability Activity Program

Handwriting physical ability activity program

1. From the Assessment Sheet identify the strengths your child needs to improve.

2. Choose the program below that works on all these.

3. Print off the Program and Games Instructions.

If you want to design an activity program tailored specifically for your child why not visit our Create Your Own page.

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