Overcoming handwriting difficulties

Because handwriting is a complex skill, requiring both physical skills and the knowledge of how to form letters, it can be difficult to identify why a child is having trouble learning to handwrite fluidly and with speed.

Follow our step by step guide to identify where the problem may lie and then work with the child using our suggested solutions.

Don’t miss the early steps, even though you think they may not be relevant to an older learner, as the child may be struggling because they have either missed an earlier stage of physical development or teaching.

Sometimes children need to be taken back before they can move forward.


Is the child sitting correctly?
Does the child have a dominant writing hand?
Does the child hold the pencil in an appropriate grip?
Does the child position and tilt the paper appropriately?
Can the child complete all the pre-handwriting pattern families?
Can the child form all the lower and upper-case letters correctly?
Can the child join the letters correctly?