Children’s common handwriting problems
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How to Improve Handwriting by Overcoming Common Handwriting Problems

The most common handwriting problems primary school children experience can be grouped into four main categories; letter and word spacing issues, poor body posture and pencil grip, reluctance or poor writing speed and problems with letter formation.

By following the associated flow diagram for each problem, starting from the top and working through each stage, you should find the reason for it and suggestions on how to help your child overcome it.

To help improve handwriting, if your child has a range of  problems from the different categories, don’t worry, concentrate on the common handwriting problem category in which your child has the greatest number of  difficulties.  

Letter & Word Spacing Issues

Poor Body Posture & Pencil Grip

Reluctance or Poor Writing Speed

Letter and word spacing issuesHandwriting body posture and pencil grip problemsHandwriting reluctance or poor writing speedHandwriting alphabet letter formation problems

Problems with Letter Formation