Teach Handwriting

Covid-19 Handwriting Lessons

5 week lesson program

Over the next 5 weeks we will provide you with a weekly set of worksheets which can be downloaded, printed off and used alongside our letter formation animations.
Each week a new letter family will be introduced:

  1. Straight lines - Finished
  2. Curves to start - Finished
  3. Top exit - Finished
  4. Tunnel - Finished
  5. Hooks, loops and lines

There is a separate worksheet for each day:

Monday - Have a go worksheet

Today you can check if your child knows how to write the letters and if they are writing them correctly. If you know your child cannot form the letters in the letter family then show them the letter animations and then let them have a go.

Tuesday & Wednesday - Specific letter practise days

Each day focuses on different sets of letters from the letter family.

Thursday & Friday - Letter practise days

On these days letters from the letter family being taught and some letters from letter families already introduced are practised.


The whole worksheet does not have to be completed in one go, it might be better to try one or two letters and have a break and come back to it later, especially if the letters are new to your child. For some children spreading the worksheet over a couple of sessions of 3 to 5 minutes each is better than one 15 minute session.

We try to use whole words where possible however sometimes we need to use nonsense words. This is because we do not introduce letters into worksheets that have not been taught.

There are also "Rainbow" worksheets where your child can share with others what they have learnt and achieved over the week. There are two Rainbow sheets one which is already coloured, as not all children enjoy colouring in, and one which can be coloured in. Print off the one that is most appropriate for your child.

If your child would like to practise their letter formation a little more then you can print off the additional, appropriately sized, practise paper for them.

Download the correct worksheets by:

Choosing the correct font:


Continuous Cursive

Choosing the correct paper:

Beginners Paper

Refiners Paper

Week 5 - Hooks, loops & lines family

Beginners paper

Refiners paper