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How to Form the Adaptive Tripod Pencil Grip For Handwriting

Step 1

To start with it is easier to teach this grip using both hands

With the palm of the writing hand above the table and facing down towards it, spread the fingers out wide.

Holding the top end of the pencil vertically in the other hand place the pencil in between and at the base of the index and middle fingers about half way up the shaft of the pencil.

Forming the tripod pencil grip Stage 3

Step 2

Gently close the fingers together and pull the shaft of the pencil back towards you from the vertical to about 45 degrees.

Step 3

Twist the hand inwards vertically 90 degrees and grip either side of the pencil with the tips of the thumb and index finger about 2 cm up from the tip (pincer grip)

Step 4

Move the middle finger so that the pencil shaft rests on its top inner edge. Keep the ring and little finger gently curled in.

Forming the tripod pencil grip Stage 1 Forming the tripod pencil grip Stage 2 Forming the tripod pencil grip Stage 5 How to hold a pencil in the Tripod Pencil Grip

Step 5

Twist the hand back 90 degrees to start writing

Forming the tripod pencil grip Stage 4

Once the adaptive pencil grip becomes second nature then the quicker drawbridge flip method can be used.