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The Adaptive Tripod Grip

Although the Dynamic Tripod Grip is still considered the most appropriate pencil grip for handwriting the Adaptive Tripod Grip is an alternative efficient pencil grip.

The Adaptive Tripod pencil grip is identical to the Dynamic Tripod grip in that the pencil is held between the tip of the thumb and index finger and rests on the middle finger. The main difference is that the shaft of the pencil rests in the ‘V between the index and middle finger. This gives an open web space which allows the fingers to move freely so that a fluid handwriting style can be achieved.

This grip is often more appropriate for children who have low muscle tone or hyper mobility of the finger joints. It can also benefit older children who:

Changing to the Adaptive Tripod grip is not a quick fix for children who have poor hand and finger strength. These strengths still need to be developed to make handwriting more comfortable.

From the research we have carried out we cannot find any information suggesting that the grip needs to be adapted for left handed writers. So our step by step guide applies to both left and right handed writers.