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Handwriting Font Styles

If you are looking to help your child with their handwriting we would always suggest checking which font style their school is teaching. This will ensure that they don’t get conflicting messages between home and school on how to form letters correctly.

There are four main font styles taught in UK schools; manuscript capital letters, manuscript print, cursive and continuous cursive.

A more traditional approach to teaching handwriting is first teaching the print (manuscript) font style, then moving to a single letter cursive font style (which has the same letter start points as print) and finally introducing the join stokes for joining letters.

Some schools will teach print (manuscript) and then a continuous cursive font style. This means learning a new set of more consistent start and finish points when forming the single letters; making joining  far easier as the exit and entry strokes to join have already been learnt and the letters only need to be written closer together.

Some schools are beginning to teach continuous cursive straight away so the children only learn one font style.

All schools have to teach children how to form capital letters.

The advantages of teaching Print:

The advantages of teaching Cursive:

The advantages of teaching Continuous Cursive: