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How to Organise a Playtime Drawing/Writing Session

  1. When ready, try timed drawing or writing activities after your child has had a good run around or other physical activity (but not when they are tired).
  2. Set up a good writing environment where they are sitting comfortably and without distraction, such as having the TV on.
  3. Correct poor posture and keep the activity short - up to 5 minutes initially. However one minute of happy drawing/writing is better than no minutes.
  4. After the drawing/writing play a non drawing activity or game with your child. Make this break between 3 and 5 minutes long, ensuring your child knows when it will end (use a timer so they can see when they will need to stop)
  5. Return  to the original drawing/writing activity for up to another 5 minutes.
  6. End the sessions with a fun activity or treat.

Tips on Running the Session

Playtime Drawing / Handwriting Sessions