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Teach Handwriting

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Improving dollar sign animation Improving and sign animation Improving at sign animation

Click on a symbol  below to watch the “how to form” animations.

Colour worksheets Lined worksheets Improving question mark animation Improving exclamation mark animation Improving pound sign animation Improving euro sign animation

Improving How to Handwrite Symbols

   ?  !  @  £   €  &  $   

Symbols are often used as a form of short hand to replace words in many of the subjects a child studies throughout their school career. Punctuation helps the reader with meaning, context and expression of the text.

The refiner’s stage is about developing a more consistently proportioned symbol form and size as well as correctly placing the symbol on the writing lines and in relation to letters or numbers.

The animations are colour coded still, however the picture clues have been removed and coloured guide lines have been introduced. The “Colour Handwriting Worksheets” have the same colour coding as the animations while the “Plain Handwriting Worksheets” only have colour coded blocks at the beginning of the lines and the coloured guide lines. Both have a range of line widths, which reduces to a size that would be considered the smallest desirable handwriting size.