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Posture Base Assessment for Handwriting

For good posture the large muscle groups that support the pelvis, trunk, shoulders and arms need to work in a coordinated way (gross motor skills). Strong and well developed gross motor skills gives the body a stable base (core strength) required for balance and stability, supporting coordination skills.

Once your child has developed their core strength they will need to retrain the brain to communicate more effectively with the muscle groups to further improve balance, stability and coordination.

The three activities below assess these key areas. Following the assessment, if your child needs to improve any of these skills, click on the “Games to Improve Posture Base” button for further activities or look at the Physical Ability Activity Programs.

Tightrope Walking (Balance and Stability)

Lay a piece of rope 5 - 10 metres in length or chalk a line on a path.

Ask your child to walk along the line slowly.

If your child is under the age of 5, just walking is appropriate, if you have an older child and they can walk the line quite well, maintaining their balance, ask them to walk heel-to-toe (Pigeon Steps).

Can they walk the rope and maintain their balance?

Curl-ups (Core Strength)

Lay with your back on the floor, knees bent and feet flat on the floor.

Hold a bean bag or small fluffy toy between the knees to keep them together. Place your hands on your thighs.

Try to curl up so that your head and shoulders lift up from the floor and your hands slide further up your legs towards your knees.

Only lift as far as is comfortable.

Remember not to lift your feet off the floor.

Can they do this quite easily?

Stairs (Balance and Coordination)

Ask your child to walk up and down the stairs.

Can they manage independently?

Are they using alternating feet?

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