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Handwriting Pencil Grip Aids

Aids to support good pencil grip can be very useful for some children, however one of the issues with their use is that when a child has not got the pencil grips to hand they revert back to the original poor grip position.

Pencil grip aids generally do not correct the grip, they just force the hand and fingers into the correct position for writing. To correct the grip permanently the physical factors that have created the incorrect grip need to be addressed.

The use of grips can encourage your child to write more fluently, building their self esteem, whilst you work on correcting the factors that have caused a bad grip to form. The medium term aim must always be to get your child to grip the pencil correctly without the use of aids.

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Handwriting triangle pencil grips Handwriting finger positioning pencil grips Handwriting larger pencil grips Handwriting crossover pencil grips