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Tips on Providing Your Child with the Best Paper Position for Handwriting

Maintaining the Correct Paper Angle Whilst Handwriting

Keeping the paper positioned at the correct angle is important for maintaining good handwriting throughout the piece of work. Children often move their writing hand down the page until it falls off the table, rather than moving the paper up the table and keeping the writing hand in the same position. The following activity helps to train them to move the paper while holding a good writing position.

Windscreen Wiper Activity to Learn How to Move the Paper When Handwriting

Starting from the left hand side of the paper swing the pencil across the paper, like a windscreen wiper does on a car, keep the writing hand wrist in the same position on the table and use the non-writing hand to move the paper position up the table, keeping the same tilt, as if it is on a straight piece of train track. To help move the paper in the correct direction masking tape could be used to form the guide tracks in which the paper needs to stay.

This can be great fun as the same piece of paper can be used over and over again using different colour pencils and could be a timed activity as your child’s skills develop. With the non-writing hand moving the paper position up the table the writing line stays in the same place which means eye movements are less, helping to making the writing experience less tiring and stressful.