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Teach Handwriting
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Overcoming handwriting difficulties

Step 5. Check the pre-handwriting pattern formation

Check that the child can draw the pre-handwriting patterns using the correct directional pushes and pulls of the pencil as demonstrated in the animations .

Pre-handwriting patterns ensure children learn all the directional pushes and pulls required for letter formation and joining.

Use the non-pencil activities teaching tips if the child cant draw the patterns.

Use the paper and pencil activities teaching tips for children who struggle with some of the patterns.

Play the relevant games and activities if the child needs to develop one of the other physical skills.

Step 4

Step 6

Check the childs bilateral coordination, by using our physical ability assessment sheet.

A child with poor bilateral coordination skills will find drawing diagonal lines difficult.

Play the relevant games and activities if the child just needs to develop one Key Strength.

Check the childs other physical skill sets, by using our other physical skills assessment sheet, if the child still finds pre-handwriting patterns difficult.