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Teach Handwriting
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Overcoming handwriting difficulties

Step 2. Check hand dominance

Check if the child has a dominant writing hand if they are 5+ years old.

If they are still uncertain try our activities to help them decide.

Use our hand swapping issues questions, if the child swaps hands during handwriting tasks, to help you to identify the best course of action for supporting them.

Hand dominance

Hand swapping

Play the relevant games and activities if the child just needs to develop one Key Strength.

Step 1

Step 3

Play the games and activities for the Key Strength areas the child needs to develop.

Check the childs bilateral coordination skills by using our physical ability assessment sheet.

Some children struggle to develop a hand dominance if they have weak bilateral coordination skills.

Check the childs hand and finger strength, using our physical ability assessment sheet, if they swap hands when one gets tired and then swap back when it is rested.

Check the childs bilateral coordination, using our physical ability assessment sheet, if they use their right hand when presented with items on their right and the left when presented on the left.

Use our physical ability activity programs if the child needs to develop more than one physical ability Key Strength.