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Hand Dominance Information

It is important that your child has a hand preference (dominance) by the time they are ready for formal handwriting lessons. It does not matter if they are left or right handed, as long as they are comfortable using that hand for more intricate fine motor skills work, as required for handwriting.

What is Hand Dominance?

In this section we explain hand dominance and how different people use and change their hand preference, depending on the task being performed.

Why is Hand Dominance so Important?

Here we explain why having a hand preference is important for your child; how to work out your child’s hand dominance and provide ideas to help develop your child’s hand dominance.

Hand Swapping Issues

In this section we explain how hand swapping is a normal developmental stage in infants and young children but more of an issue for school children. We also suggest why children may swap hands, during a task such as handwriting, and how you can help them to develop the skill bases they need to address this issue.  

Developmental Stages of Hand Dominance

In this section we describe the developmental stages of hand dominance and the three main stages which all children need to go through, and experience, to develop their mature handedness abilities.

Hand Swapping What is Hand Dominance Why is Hand Dominance so Important Developmental Stages of Hand Dominance

If taught how to sit, position their paper and hold a pencil correctly, a left handed learner has no more difficulties than a right handed learner.