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Activities to Improve In-hand Manipulation Skills for Handwriting

Pinch Pots

You need

Play dough, plasticine or air drying clay.

How to do it

Ask your child to roll the clay into a palm size ball and hold it in the palm of their hand. Next get them to stick their thumb of the other hand into the middle of the ball and use two fingers (usually the index and middle fingers) on the outside of the ball to help pinch the ball into a pot shape.

Move the thumb and fingers around the edge of the ball as well as slowly moving the ball/pot around in the palm of the hand until the pot has been made. Try making them with the ball of dough/clay held in the palm of the other hand.

Posting Frenzy

You need

Money box or container with a slot cut into the lid, cardboard box, money, paper clips anything that can be posted through the slot and a timer.

How to do it

Time Trials– Pick up one object at a time and post through the slot, ‘How many can you post in a minute?’ Change the size and angle of the slot to make it more challenging.

Double Post– You can use the side of a cardboard box for this activity. Cut a slot an appropriate size in the card, depending on your child’s ability you or your child holds the card in one hand and posts through 5/10 objects with the other hand. Once they have been posted they have to move around to the other side of the card where the posted object now lay and post them back using the opposite hand to before. This is a timed activity, ‘Who is the fastest double post master?’  

Egg Box Share

You need

The bottom section of an egg box and dried beans / peas or beads.

How to do it

Using the egg box as the catching container ask your child to hold a number of small dried beans in the palm of one hand. Then ask them to place one  bean at a time into each of the cups of the egg box. They will need to have their palm and curled fingers facing upwards. Then use their thumb to help roll each bean up from the palm of the hand to drop into the each egg cup.

Start off using a 6 space egg box and 1 bean per egg space, so they hold 6 beans at the start. Gradually get them to hold more in their hands and see how many they can place in the holders. This can be played as a time or number challenge, ‘how many beans can they place in one minute’ or ’ how many beans can they hold and place in the holders without dropping any’. Remember it is important to do one bean at a time!

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