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Teach Handwriting

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Activities to Improve Individual Finger Strength for Handwriting


You need

Marbles or small plastic balls, targets, cardboard tube, plastic cups.

How to do it

Using a finger-thumb flick, the nail of the index or middle finger pressed against the thumb pad, start by flicking the marble across the table/floor.  Then try to use the other fingers to flick the marble, not forgetting to try with the other hand as well. If your child is finding the marbles too heavy or small then change to small plastic balls or ping pong balls or scrunched up pieces of paper or even cotton wool balls.

Shooting Range– the range can be set up in a number of ways, for instance, different size paper or plastic plates/cups could be propped up  as targets, the smaller the target the more points they are worth. Another idea is to use cardboard tubes numbered and set out at different distances, the further away the target, the greater the points earned.

Marble Alley– can be bought or you can make your own.

Finger Escape

You need

Sellotape or masking tape

How to do it

Ask your child to hold two fingers together, for instance index and middle finger. Then gently wrap sellotape a couple of times around the top of the fingers .The aim is to get the sellotape (masking tape is easier to start with) off the fingers only using the fingers and thumb from the same hand on which the fingers have been taped.

This is a hard activity to do and can make the fingers ache a little so start off by making the sellotape looser so that it is easier to remove, gradually make it a little firmer so that the task becomes more challenging. Remember not to wrap it too tight so that it affects the blood circulation to the tips of the fingers.

Try taping different pairs of fingers together and also repeat the exercise on the other hand, building strength in both hands.

Finger Football

You need

Football pitch A3 size and variety of small balls.

How to do it

Start by flicking the ball across the table/floor as far as possible using the index or middle finger. The kicking finger needs to work independently from the rest of the hand. This will be made easier if the tips of the other fingers are resting on the surface, giving greater support and stability to the hand. Then repeat with the opposite hand.

If you child is finding it hard to isolate one finger then adapt the flick to a two finger flick. Then move to a flick with the nail of the index or middle finger pressed against the thumb pad.

A more challenging position is to hold the hand above the surface and curl the thumb and other fingers into the palm leaving the kicking finger free.

Use softer lighter balls to start with then move to heavier ones.

Core Strength (Posture) Games instructions.pdf