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Teach Handwriting

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Teach Handwriting Website Tips & Information Finder

To provide additional handwriting tips and information for people who want a more in-depth knowledge of teaching handwriting, without cluttering up the main web pages, we created the tips and information buttons.

Finding them quickly can sometimes be a little tricky as they are located on the web pages they relate to.

We have therefore provided more direct access to them on this page.

Pre-handwriting Pattern Tips

Colour & Picture Clues

Letter Formation Tips

Non-pencil Letter Formation Ideas

Letter Fonts

Font Order

Letter Joining Formation Tips

Pencil Grip Activities

Impact of Poor Pencil Grip

Providing the Best Sitting Position

Assessing Your Child’s Key Strengths

Activity Program Tips

Teaching a Left Handed Child

Letter and Word Spacing

Eye Sight

Boys Find it Harder

Providing the Best Paper Position

Tips Tips Tips Tips Tips Tips Tips Tips Tips Tips Tips Tips

Incorrect Handwriting Pressure

Overcoming Reluctance to Write


Timed Drawing Tips