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How to Hold a Pencil Correctly to Improve Handwriting

How to Hold a Pencil to Improve Handwriting - The Tripod Pencil Grip

Holding the pen or pencil correctly allows the fingers and wrist to move freely, without putting strain on the hand, helping to improve handwriting and making it more comfortable.

Our step by step guide shows your child how to hold a pencil, using the Tripod Pencil Grip, the most appropriate pencil grip for handwriting for both right and left handed writers.

To help children remember how to hold a pencil using the tripod pencil grip we have a rhyme for younger writers and a simple trick for older writers

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Correct pencil grip for handwriting

Poor Pencil Grips

We provide suggestions on how to identify and correct an existing poor grip so that handwriting becomes more fluid and comfortable. We also show some of the pencil grip aids available and explain their purpose.

A poor handwriting grip can be the result of several factors, including poor teaching or weak physical ability. Whatever the cause our web site should provide you with the information you need to help correct a poor handwriting grip.

How to Strengthen the Muscles Needed to Hold a Pencil

To hold a pencil comfortably, for extended periods of handwriting, a child needs both good hand and finger muscles and sensory perception. Your child might be struggling with handwriting, or be reluctant to write, because they have difficulties with one or both of these.

The key strengths area of the web site looks at all the muscle groups needed to sit comfortably at a desk and hold a pencil correctly. It provides simple activities to assess your childs abilities and games to help strengthen the muscles if they need a little extra help.

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The four strengths that support handwriting Correcting a poor pencil grip

The Adaptive Tripod Grip

The Adaptive Tripod Grip is an alternative efficient pencil grip for handwriting, although the Dynamic Tripod Grip is still considered the most appropriate. This grip is often more suitable for children who have low muscle tone or hyper mobility of the finger joints, as well as older children who: hold a pencil too tightly; hold the pencil lightly using just their fingertips or hold a pencil with their thumb wrapped around and across the pencil and index finger.

Our step by step guide shows your child how to hold a pencil in the Adaptive Tripod Pencil Grip. This is a suitable alternative for both right and left handed writers.

The Adaptive Tripod Grip