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Teach Handwriting

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Teach Handwriting Scheme: Letter Choices

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Because the basis of our scheme is to teach letters in their letter families (groups) we have had to choose the letter shapes, for each font, we think are the best for joined, speedy, fluid handwriting.

You will find our preferred scheme letter shapes on the left of the individual font web pages.

Everybody has their preference, or combination of preferences, and so the scheme tries to accommodate this by offering a choice of letter options.  If you have a preference for a letter shape we haven’t offered please contact us to discuss whether we can add your choice to our scheme.  

Cursive Letter Options

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Routes B & D Letter Choices

If you choose to follow Routes B or D you will be teaching the Continuous Cursive letter font style.

This is where the letter formation start and finish points, for most letters, are on the writing line.

This makes the joining process easier as, for most letter combinations, the letters are just written closer together.

Routes A & C Letter Choices

If you choose to follow Routes A or C you will be teaching the Cursive letter font style.

The letter formation start point is identical to print letters. For the majority of letters an exit kick, from the writing line, is added to the letter to help with joining later on.

For joining letters the lead out kick is extended to join with the next letter.

Continuous Cursive Letter Options

Version 4

Version 4