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Teach Handwriting

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Teach Handwriting Scheme: Teaching Manual Timetables

Each Route has its own half-termly timetables with each timetable being 6 weeks long to allow you the flexibility of when to teach the lessons. For Key Stage 1 & 2 there is a Key Abilities Timetable and a separate Key Strengths Timetable.

Handwriting Key Strengths Timetables

There is no timetable for Foundation Stage as these activities are part of the main teaching timetable (Key Abilities Timetable).  

For Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 there are separate timetables setting out activities which continue to build and develop gross and fine motor skills. These can be incorporated into your normal teaching timetable by including them as PE warm up or cool down activities or as cross curriculum activities.

All the instructions are included within the manuals.

Underneath in the blue section are the specific handwriting lessons to be taught (Key Abilities). These cover the supporting activities of sitting, pencil grip and paper tilt as well as specific letter formation and letter joining lessons (as appropriate). For the supporting activities the timetables specify when they should be taught. For the letter formation and joining lessons the timetables specify which letters and joins should be taught.

The majority of the lessons have been differentiated and so you choose which lesson level to teach your children.

To the right of the timetables there is additional guidance on the expected levels the children should be achieving and what should be expected of the children who are “working towards the expected level” or who are “working at a greater depth within the expected level”.

All the instructions are included within the manuals.

Handwriting Key Abilities Timetables

For Foundation Stage the top of the timetable shows the physical ability activities the children should do to build the gross and fine motor skills needed for handwriting. These are colour coded to identify which Key Strengths you are developing. For Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2  this part of the timetable shows the handwriting warm up exercises that should be done as part of the handwriting lessons.

Key Abilities Timetable Example