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Handwriting Developmental Stages

Here we explain the developmental and teaching stages of handwriting, from early years pre-handwriting patterns to finally joining letters.

Children’s Handwriting Development

Specific Learning Difficulties (SLD) and Handwriting

Children with SLD can find handwriting a real challenge. Following a well-structured and progressive handwriting development program that looks at the whole child rather than just how to form letters is very important. Here we give advice on helping your child, with SLD, to handwrite.

Childrens Handwriting Difficulties

We look at primary school children’s most common handwriting difficulties - Letter & Word Spacing, Reluctance or Slow Writing Speed, Letter Formation and Body Posture & Pencil Grip. The causes are identified and suggestions given on how to improve handwriting if your child is struggling.

Four common difficulties with handwriting

Pencil Grip Developmental Stages

As children get older and their bodies strengthen their ability to hold a pencil develops. This section describes the normal pencil grip progression for a child.

Hand Dominance and Handwriting

Children usually display a hand preference between the ages of 3 - 5 years old. By simply observing your child you can identify their hand dominance. Throughout the site we provide information for both right and left handed writers.

Pencil Grip Development Stages Developmental stages of handwriting

Other Learning Barriers to Handwriting

Here we look at other factors that can impact on a child’s ability to handwrite - Eye Tracking, Spatial Awareness, Visual Memory  and Motor Memory. We explain how you can check your child’s ability in each of these areas and provide games to help improve their skills.

UK National curriculum and handwriting in school

Handwriting in Primary Schools

In this section of the site we explain how  handwriting fits into the National Curriculum, how  best to communicate with your school, how home school partnerships should work, ways of seeking support and links to other supporting organisations.

Hand Dominance & Handwriting Other Barriers to Learning Specific Learning Difficulties & Handwriting