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Why is Hand Dominance Important?

Hand dominance becomes more important as your child matures and begins to learn and master the key skill sets they need for school; such as how to use scissors and write. These kind of activities require one hand to have good and controlled fine motor skills (action/dominant hand) while the other hand either holds, feeds or stabilises an object (supporting/helper hand).

As a child practises and refines their fine motor skills, focusing on one hand (their dominant hand), so their accuracy and speed will improve, giving them confidence and boosting their self-esteem, as they start to achieve greater success in tasks. It is better that they have one very skilled hand rather than two averagely skilled.

The supporting hand role is just as important as the dominant hand in completing tasks, though the level of fine motor skills may not be as precise, it is important that the two hands work well together.

How to Work Out Your Child’s Hand Dominance

Watching how your child performs these kind of tasks can help you to discover your child’s hand dominance or in slightly older children (5-6 yrs old) whether extra support in developing a hand dominance is needed.

Ideas to Support Hand Dominance Development