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Activities to Improve Crossing the Mid-line for Handwriting

Lazy 8

You need

Ribbon or streamer, chalk, wall or chalk board (all are optional).

How to do it

Using “Lazy-8”’s (a large 8 on its side) has long been a popular way of getting a child to cross the mid-line. These can be performed in mid air, it is important to make sure your child keeps both feet on the floor and shoulders facing forward and does not twist the body. These big arm movements should cross in front of the body and back again. Using ribbons or streamers is just more fun. Encourage them to follow their arm movements with their eyes rather than moving their head.

Once they are happy to draw a lazy 8 in the air move to drawing them large on a wall or chalk board. Another way would be to hang up a piece of newspaper for them to paint or use pens on to do the same thing. The non-writing hand needs to be placed against  the wall, this will help prevent your child from twisting their body around so that they do not have to cross the mid-line point.

Messy Mid-line Games

You need

Plastic squeezy bottle or water pistol, chalk, cardboard tubes, bath foam or shaving foam.

How to do it

Draw  a range of shapes, well spread (different colours if possible so that  each colour is worth a certain number of points), on a wall or path/patio.  

Mark up a shooter placement (an outline of feet position is always helpful) on which your child stands and is not allowed to move from during the game.

Try to encourage them to keep their body facing forward and to move their arms only.

Fill the squeezy bottle with water, they have to hold the bottle with both hand.

They score points for each shape they hit or wash away.

This could also be played where your child knocks lightweight items such as kitchen roll inner tubes off a low wall.

Cross Pass Ball

You need

A ball that can to be held in both hands.

How to do it

Ask your child to hold the ball with both hand out in front of them. The aim of the activity is to move the ball from one side to the other so that both hands cross the mid-line. There are various activities that can be done to help achieve this.

Get your child to stand with their back against a wall and hold the ball in both hands out in front of them. They then have to try and hit the wall either side of their body while holding on to the ball with both hands. They must keep their back as flat against the wall as possible. The larger the ball the easier it will be, especially for younger children.  

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