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A range of activities from the relevant area, or areas, from the Physical Ability section should be included per week as hand skills depend on many different elements. This will also help to prevent you and your child getting bored with the same activities.  It is important that your child does each of the activities throughout the week to ensure that they are developing skills across the motor skills spectrum, as it is a combination of these that helps us to develop our fine motor skills.

Create Your Own Activity Program to Improve Handwriting

Create your own handwriting physical ability activity program

It is suggested that each activity should last about 10 minutes, not much longer, so that your child does not get bored with the activity.  If however they are enjoying the game or activity then they can carry on as you feel appropriate.

Talk through with your child, especially older children, why they are doing these activities and how they may help them to improve certain skills they are struggling with. The more they feel part of the process and understand the reasoning for it, the more they are likely to participate willingly and enthusiastically. As they see improvements in their own abilities, so their self-esteem and confidence will grow.

The one week and two weeks activity record sheets are designed so that you and your child can keep track of which exercises have been chosen and how often they are being done.  Instructions on how to play the games along with a range of activity pictures that relate to the activities suggested have been created for you to use (Activity Picture Library).