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Activities to Improve Core Strength for Handwriting

Crab Walk

You need

An area of floor or grass and a bean bag or soft toy.

How to do it

Get your child to sit on the ground with their hands and feet on the floor, fingers pointing behind them, raise their bottom off the floor to make a table shape. In this position get them to walk backwards, like a crab, to a destination and back again. Put a beanbag or soft toy on their tummy - make sure they keep their bottom up otherwise the toy will fall off!

As this activity is quite demanding only ask your child to go 2 to 3 metres at their first attempt, as your child’s endurance increases you can increase the distance.

To add variety you can add an obstacle course or follow-my-leader to the game.

Bridge Games

You need

An area of floor or grass and some small toys to pass under the bridge such as vehicles or animals. For older children a stopwatch or clock with a seconds hand.

How to do it

Laying on their back with their knees bent and feet flat on the floor get your child to raise their bottom off the floor to form the bridge. Pass the toys under the bridge. For younger children get them to make the noise of the toys, for older children set them time challenges.

As this activity can be quite demanding start by just playing for between 30 seconds and one minute. As your child gets stronger and can play for longer why not turn it into a family competition?

Tummy Skittles

You need

A large/medium sized ball, skittles or empty 1 litre or 2 litre plastic drinks bottles and space enough for your child to lay flat on their tummy and the skittles to be about 2 metres away.

How to do it

Get your child to lie on their stomach, lift their head up and then lift their arms above their head. Throw the ball at the skittles, then lower the body gently back to the floor, ready to throw again.

Posture base core strength games instructions