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Bubble & Flashlight Tag

You need

Bottle of bubbles, torch, timer & dark room.

How to do it

Hand and eye coordination requires your child to be able to follow an object with their eyes (tracking).

Bubble popping– try not to blow too many bubbles at a time, encourage  your child to follow the bubble with their eyes taking their time before they pop the bubble with their middle finger. If they are finding this difficult then you could use a paint brush to start with. As their accuracy and speed grow more bubbles can be blown at a time. To make it more fun see how many can be popped in a set time - say 1 minute.

Flashlight tag– a darkish room is needed for this game as it requires the light from the torch to create circles of light on a wall. Your child needs to tag (touch the wall lightly) the light circle before it moves or disappears. Start off slowly and encourage your child to step back from the wall once a light circle has been tagged.

Goal Post Skittles

You need

Posts/marker, large plastic drink bottles/skittles and a range of ball sizes.

How to do it

Place the posts about 2 metres away from the start position and about half a metre apart. Place the skittles about half a metre behind the posts but directly between them. Your child starts by rolling a large ball through the posts to knock the skittles over. Before they roll the ball explain to get a maximum score they need to knock all the skittles over in one roll and that the best way to do this is to look directly ahead through the post at the skittles, NOT at the ball or their hand.

It may take a little practise, as they improve they can use a different size ball or move the skittles so that they form different patterns which means they have to be more accurate with the roll.

This game can also be used as a foot and eye activity, the same rules apply, they must look to where they want the ball to end up not at their feet or the ball, tricky!

Keep it in the air

You need

Balloon or beach ball.

How to do it

The idea is to keep the balloon/beach ball in the air for as many hits as possible.

It is important to explain to your child the skills needed for the activity so they begin to learn that catching and throwing are not about luck but a skill base.

Tell them that to be able to keep hitting the balloon in the air they will have to keep their eyes on it and NOT their hands. This can be tricky at first but the game is such good fun they will not mind.

Try it using both hand and then only one but don’t forget to try both left and then right hand.

Core Strength (Posture) Games instructions.pdf

Activities to Improve Coordination & Ball Skills for Handwriting