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More Boys than Girls have Handwriting Difficulties

 UK research by Medwell, Strand & Wray (2007) found:

“…that there was pronounced effect for boys than girls and that boys are more likely to be in the lowest category of performance in automatic letter generation than girls, but also that the gap between boys and girls is wider for those Y6 children than for comparable groups in Y2.”

This poor automatic letter formation shows many boys as under performing as it affects their composition of text, grammar and spelling.

Handwriting is a vital part in developing writing skills for children, as it engages the brain in a way that keyboard skills do not, and helps to develop composition, grammar and spelling skills. So basically the written work may show them as under performing, while their often good verbal explanations and responses suggest otherwise.

As the written form is how we appraise a child’s abilities it highlights how important a good handwriting style is to a child’s future!