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Body Awareness & Direction Games to Help Improve Children’s Handwriting

Knowing their right from left allows your child to develop an understanding and awareness of how their body moves and feels in different positions and places. In addition this helps them understand the directional flow of movements which are needed, when handwriting, to correctly form letters.

Crossing the Mid-line Games to Help Improve Children’s Handwriting

To make handwriting comfortable the writing arm has to be able to cross the vertical central line of the body (crossing the mid-line). These games concentrate on this key skill to ensure your child can write comfortably with the paper positioned appropriately, enabling them to sit  at a desk correctly.

Bilateral Coordination and Children’s Handwriting

Good bilateral coordination allows the body to move in an easy and well coordinated way, as both the left and right hand sides of the body are working in unison. It is important for your child to develop their body awareness, knowing their left side from their right side and being aware of how they move and relate to each other.

Bilateral Coordination Games to Improve Handwriting

Coordination & Ball Skill Games to Help Improve Children’s Handwriting

Having good hand and eye coordination is an essential skill in handwriting, ensuring the letters are formed correctly and are positioned on the writing line. These games help practise and improve these key skills.

Crossing the mid-line games to help improve children's handwriting Body Awareness & Direction Activities Coordination and ball skill games to help improve children's handwriting