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Teach Handwriting

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Activities to Improve Balance & Stability for Handwriting

Chair Push-ups

You need

A child sized chair without arms and an adult sized one with which you can demonstrate.

How to do it

Put your hands on either side of your chair and push until your bottom raises off the chair. Hold for a count of five. Ask your child to copy you!

If this is too easy ask your child to lift their feet off the floor and hold them off while raising their bottom and hold for a count of five.

A great exercise to do before writing.

Tightrope Trail

You need

A rope 5 - 10 metres long or chalk line, bean bag or flattish small soft toy, empty large plastic drink bottles or cones, some of different heights, and a few toys of various height to sit on top of the bottles.

How to do it

Lay out the rope or draw a straight line. Ask your child to walk along it slowly and carefully. There are several games that can be played.

1. With the bean bag/soft toy balanced on their head.

2. Place the large bottles either side and equal distance apart along the route. With the bean bag on their head they have to bend and touch the top of the bottles.

3. Play the same game as 2 above but with different height bottles and with the toys balanced on top of the bottles. Your child needs to collect the toys on the way.

4. To give more interest, change the shape of the course and vary the distance between the bottles.



You need

Space and music.

How to do it

The aim of the game is to stay as still as possible even when someone is gently pushing, trying to move you. As the statue you may wobble a little but try to regain your balance to keep the statue shape. Try these positions:

Hands & Knees

Starting position -as if you were about to start a running race


Down on one knee

Standing on one leg

One knee & hand

This could be turned into a game of musical statues, naming the position for when the music stops. This can be made more challenging by having someone be an official statue tester, who gently pushes the statues who have to work on keeping very still.

Posture base balance and stability games instructions