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Teach Handwriting

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Activities to Improve Balance & Coordination for Handwriting


You need

Step or bottom stair, a timer and a piece of ribbon or a sticker (optional).

How to do it

Ask your child to face the step and then step up first with the left foot followed by the right foot. Still facing the same way ask them to step down first with the left foot followed by the right foot. Repeat this a couple of times and then ask them to start with the right foot followed by the left.

Take it slow and steady to start with, as they progress you could start to see how many steps they can go up and down in a minute.

To help them to remember their left and right you could tie a ribbon or place a sticker on their right or left hand to help.


You need

Space, chalk or a marker of some kind if you are going to create a maze line.

How to do it

Marching can be turned into games or used as a timed exercise for older children. When marching the opposite arm  should swing forward to the raised knee, so left arm and right knee together.

Marching Songs -  Such as ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’ and others.

Maze Lines - Draw a mixture of straight and curved lines with chalk and ask your child to march along the line. Slowly at first so that they focus on marching skills and then this can be turned into a time trial, setting rules about how high the knees have to be raised in the march.

 Sergeant Major - Marching on the spot with you giving orders. Low march (knees raised slightly), normal march (knees raised to about 90 degrees) and high march (knees raised as high as possible), left turn, right turn, about turn and face forward. For older children terms such as turn anti-clockwise and clockwise, quarter turn, half turn, turn 45 degrees or 90 degrees could be introduced. You could even use the points of the compass.

Cross Crawling

You need

Space and very little else unless you are going to set up an obstacle course.

How to do it

Ask your child to get onto all fours. Cross crawling is when your left hand moves forward at the same time as your right knee and visa versa. There are many games that can be played while crawling.

Animal Magic -Give your child an animal to mimic such as a cat, dog or tiger and ask them to really think about the speed and the way these animals would move. Then ask them to mimic something that moves slower but sways more such as an elephant or hippo. A crocodile would mean they have to crawl in a very slow, low position.

The Hero Crawl - Here the child moves like spiderman or cat woman with one hand stretched forward as far as possible and the opposite foot as  far forward as possible, close to the hand on the same side.

Limbo - A broom handle can be used for this. Each time your child crawls under the bar it is lowered slightly. Eventually they will have to wriggle underneath on their tummy.

Core Strength (Posture) Games instructions.pdf