A parent’s guide to handwriting in Primary Schools
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To maximise your child’s potential it is important to work with their school. By better understanding the UK education system, how primary schools work and who is out there to help you, will achieve this goal.

In this section of the site we explain how handwriting fits into the National Curriculum, how  best to communicate with your school, how home school partnerships should work, ways of seeking support and links to other supporting organisations.

Home - School Partnership Home -  School Partnership

Working with your child’s primary school and understanding the methods they use to teach handwriting will help support your child at home.

In this section we explain how schools work and the various roles and responsibilities of teaching staff.

Handwriting - UK National Curriculums

In this section we explain the handwriting skills taught in primary schools as specified in the National Curriculums, which all schools have to adhere to, and the handwriting achievement levels expected from children through primary school.

Click on the map for the relevant National Curriculum.

Seeking Parents right and UK schoolsFurther Support

Parents have rights!

This section explains who you should speak to at your child’s school if you have concerns about their progress and the path to seeking additional support for your child.

Supporting OrganisationsSupporting organisations for parents of children in UK schools

If you feel you cannot resolve your concerns with your child’s primary school, we provide links to the various charitable organisations and government departments that exist to help you .

Handwriting in Primary Schools




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UK National Curriculum - Handwriting