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Teach Handwriting

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Activities to Improve Arch of Hands & Grip Release Skills for Handwriting

Wheelbarrow Races

You need

Just yourselves.

How to do it

Take it slowly and steadily to begin with. Your child may only be able to hold the position at first or just manage one or two hand steps forward, this is fine as their strength increases so will their ability.

Ask your child to go down on all fours to start with, explain exactly what you are going to do, then do it, this stops it being a shock as you grab their ankles and lift their legs into the air. Explain that they are going to walk on their hands. If they are a little unsure only lift them a little way off the floor, supporting the legs just above the knees. As they get stronger you can set a course or distance for them to walk. You will also be able to move the support from above the knee to below the knee with the aim of holding the ankles once they are strong enough.

If you are feeling brave wheelbarrow races make a great family or party game.

Grab & Drop

You need

Small items such as marbles, coins, small toys and a box or container.

How to do it

Place a pile of objects such as marbles on one side of your child and the box on the other side. The aim of the game is to pick up a marble with one hand and place it into the palm of the other hand, close the fingers around the marble to make a fist. Then twist the hand around so that the closed fingers and palm are facing down to the table and then release the marble so that it falls into the container/box. Try this for 5/10 objects then swap hands so the picking up hand then becomes the fist making hand.  If your child is finding this difficult use slightly larger items for picking up and a larger container/box for them to drop the item into. Reduce the sizes as they become more confident. To make the task more challenging  see how many they can manage in a minute or perhaps make the objects smaller. To increase the accuracy of the drop you could try using smaller containers.

Model Making

You need

Play dough, plasticine or clay.

How to do it

Rolling, squeezing, squashing, pulling, pinching and poking in modelling materials is a great workout for the whole hand. The greater the resistance the more strength is required. Play dough type materials tend to be easier to manipulate than some Plasticine or clay, so if your child does find them difficult try using play dough to start with.

Encourage your child to use each hand in turn as well as both together for rolling, squeezing, pulling and squashing.

Core Strength (Posture) Games instructions.pdf