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Teach Handwriting
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Additional teaching tips

Tips on encouraging reluctant writers

This will take time, patience and encouragement, each improvement, no matter how small, needs to be recognised and positively praised.

Remember as a child’s skills develop so does their confidence to try, and their self-esteem, as they succeed where once they felt they failed.

Tips on making copying from the board easier

Copying accurately and quickly from a board at the front of a classroom can be a challenge at the best of times. For young children and those with specific learning difficulties it can be near on impossible. It is amazing how many children lose some, if not all, of a break time because they could not complete the copying task quickly enough in the lesson time.

The practise of taking information off the board has its uses and there are times when there is just no other alternative but it can be made more manageable, here are a few ideas which may help.

It can be surprising how frustrating and upsetting being asked to copy from the board can be for many children. So anything that can help to alleviate these emotions and difficulties has got to be worth a try!

How to Organise a Playtime Drawing/Writing Session

  1. When ready, try timed drawing or writing activities after the child has had a good run around or other physical activity (but not when they are tired).
  2. Set up a good writing environment where they are sitting comfortably and without distraction, such as having the TV on.
  3. Correct poor posture and keep the activity short - up to 5 minutes initially. However one minute of happy drawing/writing is better than no minutes.
  4. After the drawing/writing play a non-drawing activity or game with the child. Make this break between 3 and 5 minutes long, ensuring the child knows when it will end (use a timer so they can see when they will need to stop)
  5. Return to the original drawing/writing activity for up to another 5 minutes.
  6. End the sessions with a fun activity or treat.

Tips on Running the Session

Tips on setting up playtime drawing / handwriting sessions

Teaching tips