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The Adaptive Tripod Pencil Grip - Drawbridge Flip Method

Step 1

Place the pencil on the table in front of the writing hand, so it forms a straight line up the table with the writing tip of the pencil pointing towards you.

Then using the tip of the thumb and inner edge of the middle finger pinch the pencil either side of the shaft  about 2 cm up from the tip.

Step 2

Pick the pencil up off the table and rotate the wrist back so the pencil falls in between the index and middle finger and rests at the ‘V’ shaped base of the two fingers.

Slide the middle finger under the pencil shaft and place the index finger on top of the shaft to form the pincer grip.

Keep the ring and little finger gently curled in.

Step 3

When writing, the wrist should be flat on the table with the pencil shaft angled at about 45 degrees.

Forming the tripod pencil grip Stage 1 Forming the tripod pencil grip Stage 2 How to hold a pencil in the Tripod Pencil Grip